DIVEVOLK: SeaTouch 2 PRO waterproof underwater smartphone housing IPX 8 [80m/262ft]
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  • Fully Underwater Touchscreen
  • Wireless Charge
  • Button-free Design
  • Pressure Balance
  • One-handed Operation
  • Comfort Grip & Compact Design
  • Robust Security IPX8 Certified


DIVEVOLK: SeaTouch 2 PRO waterproof underwater smartphone housing [80m/262ft] IPX 8


DIIVEVOLK  insist on technological innovation,

A new generation of touch screen technology,
One-hand operation, perfect cooperation with smartphones,

Assist you to record the best moments, you will enjoy underwater photography and much more!


Today, smartphones, with their most powerful hardware and software applications, are bringing communication, convenience, entertainment and much more to meet our needs in daily life on land, in contrast, the use of smartphone underwater are so limited. It allows divers to use all phone functions underwater the same way as they do on land, therefore offers water sports enthusiasts great potential for brand new fascinating experience.



    Extremely Compact and Lightweight

Thanks to the innovative mechanical design, SeaTouchTM 2 PRO  housing’s weight is only 290 g(10.2 oz), dive with fun!


    Full Touchscreen Control

Membrane tactile allows full access to all the functions of your Smartphone through touch screen operation. The profiling design enables you to use all the original buttons of your Smartphone.  Battery and overheating are no longer an issue as you can set your iPhone to standby whenever you want.


    Superior Smartphone Safety

Unlike traditional underwater housings which have big openings and long O-rings, Diving Assistant adapting the distinct EasySealTM design, consisting of a small opening, 2-point lock and 3-point fixture, is extremely safe for your smartphone.


    Wireless Charging 

SeaTouchTM 2 PRO  housing not affect smartphone's wireless charging function. Usually the humidity of dive sites is very high, and if you have an iPhone that supports wireless charging, you can easily charge your phone during diving interval, without taking the iPhone out of the housing the whole day, even if you have several dives, to avoid bring in moisture. 


    Versatile Scenarios

IPX8 Waterproof, Shockproof and Dustproof. The compact and handy design facilitates all divers and fits to various outdoor scenarios, even under extreme outdoor environments: waterproof in swimming pool, hot spring, rain and snow, dustproof in desert and thermal insulated in cold area. DIVEVOLK Diving Assistant will be your best companion in outdoor activities.


What Else Can Divevolk Do to Help?


Diving Safety is the most important thing to divers. DIVEVOLK combine iPhone's powerful build-in functions and our special designed application software, to provide divers more protection.


SPG Checking Alarm

SPG checking reminder can be set from a safety perspective. It can remind you to check your SPG every 3/5/10 minutes depends on your setting value.

Diving Signal

Diving signals are accessible for the divers whenever needed. New divers can review them anytime even underwater.

Water Surface Communication

With the system, you can position, text or even call on sea surface under special situation if there is a 2G/3G/4G signal, while signal is available in many dive sites. Just imaging you come out of water and find the boat is no where, it will be great if he can call the boat and send them the location.



iPhone Built-in compass is easy to access and work well underwater .


Phone as Diving Computer

With an optional sensor and suitable app, you can use the system as diving computer, record your diving log directly in your iPhone and share immediately.



Underwater Photography

Smartphone camera performance has been upgraded so fast that it is a good alternative to bulk underwater cameras. Full Access to all modes of the build in camera,  and DIVEVOLK camera with auto photo, manual photo, video, square, SLO-MO, panoramic, time-lapse, built in filter and much more by sliding a finger across the screen. 3rd party apps for colour correction and more are convenient and powerful.


Instant Upload & Share

You do not need to take out of the phone from housing the whole day and use it whenever you want. So convenient!


Diving Apps

We think the most meaningful part of Diving Assistant is it establishes an open platform for the upcoming diving apps, which were scarce before due to the lack of hardware support, to bring divers safety, entertainment, convenience and much more. For example Fish Identification app, color restore app, diving training app, etc.



Human Communication

Type a message to your buddy underwater.

Instructors can communicate with students by broadcast some audio message you set before diving, or you can record and show them where they can improve. 

Human-Machine Interaction

Just like on land, make use of your smartphone functions by sliding your fingers. As technical divers, sometimes you may want to save some check list in your smartphone and work according to these steps underwater? 

Machine-Machine Interaction

With Bluetooth and WiFi available, It enables smartphone to be used as control terminal for other diving equipment. Let your drone go deeper with Diving Assistant!


New Advantage:

  • Real underwater touchscreen, button-free design
  • Wireless Charge
  • Compatible All APP
  • Read books or even watch movies underwater while decompressing. Emergency call and positioning on the water surface

Applicable Model:

  • iPhone 6/6s/7/8 
  • iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Plus
  • iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max


  • Pressure Balance
  • One-handed Operation
  • Comfort Grip
  • 80m / 262 ft maximum waterproof depth. 
  • Suitable for underwater photography. 
  • Clear image view and easily control underwater. 
  • Super quality durable polycarbonate, ABS resist corrosion.






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What's in the box

1 x Underwater Housing

1 x Smartphone Adaptors

1 x Hand Strap, 1 x Lens Brush, 1 x Wiping Cloth, 

1 x Spare Gasket for Top Cover and Seal Plug

1 x Quick Start Guide, 1 x Tips Card

1 x Storage Tool