OGON Code Wallet
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Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm
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  • RFID Safe : protect your cards from fraud
  • Holds 7 cards + banknotes
  • The first pocket size vault. Designed & made in France
  • Anodized aluminium and polycabonate, Metal lock.
  • 100 grams


This Code Wallet is the ideal way to carry and protect your most valuable personal effects : cash, credit cards, driver’s license, ... 

Featuring a 3 digit locking code, your belongings are locked away and out of the reach of unauthorized people, while RFID blocking technology protects your contactless cards from electronic data theft.

                                                           The first locking wallet


                                                            Instant access to your cards and cash.


                                                          Select the card you need in a glance.



                                                          Ultra compact it fits in every pocket.


                                                                      Simple, beautiful, elegant...


Nowadays almost everything is code encrypted : your phone, tablet, wifi, suitcase, the door of your building, your credit card, ... 

But we realized that the one item used to store our valuables is not secured and it happened to be our wallet.

Your wallet is sometimes left unattended. Like when doing sport, sleeping, at work, showering, or left in your bag at parties, clockrooms, hospitals, on the beach and many more.

That's why we created the first code protected wallet, so you are the only one able to access your privacy and cash. 

                                                                      Lock your wallet.


                                                                    It's better to be safe than sorry.


This is the first wallet you can secure with a code.

The 3 digits give 1000 combination possibilities. It works pretty much like a suitcase:

  • as long as you don’t change the code, it is free opening and vey quick to access,
  • change one digit and it's locked,
  • shuffle 3 digits and it's very locked.



This pocket size vault brings maximum security as it's also guarded with RFID fraud protection, and features a tracking system (option) to ensure you never lose your wallet again.


                                                                   Strong RFID protection.


The Code Wallet offers a large storage space to fit up to 12 cards, receipts and cash including Dollars and Euros (or any currency with bank notes smaller than 75 x 90 mm when folded in two). 

                                                                   Large storage, fit all currencies.


Designed to be efficient and extremely practical in its handling, it can be opened with one hand revealing each card in a glance.

                                                                   Instant access to your cards and cash.


The lock and code are made out of metal zinc alloy for a heavy duty and maximum reliability

                                                                   Metal lock. Nickel free.


                                                                   Embossed logo with Diamond Cut finish.


The inside divider is made of untearable PVC, reinforced by welding. There is 7 pockets to fit up to 12 cards, receipts and cash.

                                                                  PVC Fan shape interior.


This mini safe can aslo secure any thing you want to keep out of the reach like treatments,drugs, jewelry and many more...

                                                                  Many kinds of valuables can be secured.



We offer 3 colors : Black, Platinum and Silver.




The Code Wallet offers a set your own combination lock with three adjustable digits for security and ease of use. You can choose your own code.

                                                     Miniaturization and conception of the code encryption system.



The Code Wallet can store up to 12 cards including receipts and cash. The unique functional design with a fan shape opening allows an easy and quick access to each card.

                                     Fits perfectly the Euros, Dollars, and other bank notes.




Our wallets have a high storage capacity while still being slim enough to ensure maximum conveniencewith minimum bulk.


                                                                     Fits perfectly in your pocket.



Our RFID/NFC blocking smart wallets protect your cards from wireless skimming and private data theft. And also against demagnetization.

                                                      The aluminum shield gives strong RFID protection.



Extremely light, weighing only 125g thanks to its conception : injected polycarbonate core reinforced with a laminated aluminium shield.

                                                                          Ultra light


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